Build Process

    Once planning is complete and approved, we begin with a schematic design for the building, electrical, mechanical, fire and monitoring systems to insure that all the components interact and function within the parameters of the program


    During the next phase of design development we refine the drawings and specifications to reflect what will actually be built. It is during this phase that the budget and schedule for the project begin to undergo refinement and finally approval


    All of the disciplines commit the design to final drawings and specifications for construction. During this phase we begin the equipment procurement process, so that long lead items can be ordered and ready for installation. We finalize the budget during this phase and completely schedule the construction project with our team members. The last process of this phase is the submittal of the Construction Documents to the Authorities Having Jurisdiction for the necessary building permits.


    Throughout the construction process we have a committed team of on-site and office based professionals monitoring and updating all aspects of the project. All of this data is available to you as a valued member of the project team. The last step of the project is the functional testing of the facility, the training on the operation of the facility infrastructure and of course the first day of occupancy.

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